Radiant Solar Energy Update: Kentucky Homeowner Legislation 19RS SB100

July 7, 2021
Radiant Solar Energy Update ALERT
Kentucky Homeowner Legislation 19RS SB100

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We know from reliable industry professionals and government officials that Kentucky Senate Bill100, effective January 1, 2020, has accelerated and is gaining ground FAST!

Energy experts regard the Bill as a huge win for Utility Companies and the Coal lobby. It was thought that our leadership in Frankfort would reverse the push forward but it appears to be going in the opposite direction, making it an unprecedented anti-Homeowner, anti-Solar energy law. 

KY-SB100, signed by the Governor in March, 2019, is a law that eliminates net-metering (the method of a customer and the utility billing each other for what they each produce and use) in Kentucky. That allows the electric company to NOT pay you back for making your own power. However, each utility has to apply to the KY-PSC (Kentucky Public Service Commission) to engage the law for their customers. 

Some Good News:

If Radiant Solar files for net metering before your utility company filings are approved then you will be grandfathered in for 25yrs and side-step the new rule. There is still time, but it is running seriously thin.

“This (SB100) is the Government and Big Power overstepping and making it extremely hard for homeowners to enjoy Affordable Energy Independence. Radiant Solar is in business because we support your right to make your own power and not be subjected to laws like this”

~ Joe “The Solar Guy”, Radiant Solar

Utility Company Status:

Kentucky Power – Filed, amendments pending approval
KU/LG&E – Filed, Under Review, approval anticipated
Duke Energy – Not Filed, expected to follow KP/KU/LGE soon
All KY CoOps –  Not Filed, no word on expectations but we assume they will follow the larger utilities lead.

If you are considering owning your power, instead of renting it, then this is an urgent request: Please reach out as soon as possible since the backlog of applications is growing and our processing folks are swamped with requests for assistance.

Radiant Solar is passionate about helping as many Kentuckians as possible while we still can and your request for a free home energy report or design proposal will be given #1 Priority!!!