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Our Story

Nationwide, the solar industry has propelled itself forward with aggressive, high pressure sales techniques to increase profit without much focus on customer care or excellence in delivery. Founder Joseph Garcia (a.k.a., Joe The Solar Guy) decided there was a better way to bring residential solar energy to market. Foster a culture of educating, advising and serving our customers. 

“People who explore alternative energy are busy Joe Garcia doing solar work on the roofparents and homeowners. They want to understand the process and benefits of solar clearly without the high-pressure sales tactics that have become common in [the] solar [industry].” 

~ Joe The Solar Guy

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Radiant Solar began serving Ohio & Kentucky in 2018. Then in 2021 Radiant Solar  partnered with National EPC’s  Titan & Suntuity and expanded its territory to serve North and South Carolina. These partnerships made way for better focus on the customer and higher proficiency in delivering an affordable solar solution.  

Radiant Solar was built on the simple premise that we all want more control over our lives and to serve Homeowners in their goal to gain “Affordable Energy Independence” by breaking their Utility Company’s monopoly over their lives. We provide quality service while converting homeowners to solar energy despite the logistical challenges the pandemic presents.

Who We Are

Our Mission is to help homeowners achieve affordable energy independence by investing in owning their own energy production rather than renting it from a utility company. We help our solar customers reduce or eliminate their energy expense at home. We provide freedom from electrical utilities that can and will regularly raise costs for the power they provide.

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“Always Faithful!”
We are faithful to our life purpose in all three constructs of the human psyche (Body, Soul & Spirit).

Is a term loosely translated into english as strength of will, determination, perseverance, and acting rationally in the face of adversity. Our personal and professional lives, core values, beliefs and paradigms align with our culture. We enjoy our work. We have fun. We make objective, fact based recommendations that are good for the customer. We appreciate that all humans have something of value to offer and teach us. We solve problems by listening and being open to alternative solutions. We are at the forefront of solar and renewable energy technology and how it fits into the practical everyday lives of our customers.

Radiant Solar operates a results driven, family style business model.  We operate an ever-improving, high communication environment.  We are a team. We are a family. 

We are always researching the latest tools and techniques to improve our customers’ experience. 

We foster innovation and mesh creativity with solid, investigative research into best practices and tools.

Radiant Solar is a customer-centric organization at it’s core. We engage in continuous improvement based on an ongoing effort to understand our customers.

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