5 questions We hear From Homeowners Shopping For Solar

  • Isn’t Solar Expensive?

    Myth Busted! Radiant Solar’s motto is “Affordable Energy Independence” for a reason! We have a proprietary program that typically costs less than your current electric budget AND it can be financed with $0 money down and 1.99%-2.99% Loan Program* with no payment until 60 days after installation!You start saving on day-one because we can FIX your monthly cost at last year’s rate for the next 10-25 years!!!
  • Are The Federal Tax Incentives Complicated?

    NOPE! The Federal ITC tax credit is real money which allows 26% of the cost of solar to be recovered from Uncle Sam. The paperwork is an easy 1-page form and we will give you everything you need to collect your reimbursement! This incentive is available for 2021 and now is the best time in history to GO SOLAR!
  • Does My Roof Get Enough Sunlight?

    Consider this example: Germany has shorter summers, less annual sunlight, more snow and real mountains (The Alps) and has 38 million homes with solar systems compared to the entire USA which has about 2 million homes with solar. Think About It! 38 Million folks in Germany who get 20% less annual radiant sunlight than the midwestern United States can’t be wrong!
  • Isn’t Solar For Tree Huggers & Preppers?

    Really? There are many environmental and situational reasons to install solar. Although going “off-grid” sounds a little wild to some, in actuality, the majority of solar systems are connected to the grid so that excess power can be sold back to the utility company which literally pays for the system.
  • I Heard That Solar Doesn’t Pay Off, Is That True?

    NOT True! A typical solar system adds $25,000 INSTANT Equity to your home. The National Association of Realtors says that solar is one of the best, property tax exempt, home improvements you can make. Appraisers estimate that for every $1 spent on solar will increase home value by $.90 making solar one of the best investments for your home.

Have an energy consultant find out how much you will save:

Does Your Home Qualify For Solar?

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